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Crafting a Social Strategy: A Five-Step Process for Achieving Success in Social Media Marketing

Many social media marketers may initially focus on tactics, but “The Social System” offers a framework for creating a well-defined strategy to direct all social media initiatives.

Social Identity

This forms 'the foundation upon which your social strategy will evolve,' as per Fox. Defining your identity is crucial, but it should be approached as a two-way conversation. While establishing a brand identity is a common practice, engaging in a two-way conversation demands that brands delineate specific parameters. This includes determining what to communicate, what to avoid, and the tone to uphold for the individuals or teams overseeing the social media accounts.

Community Activation

Conventional marketing methods involve reaching out to communities, but on social media, individuals seek out your presence. Fox emphasized, 'It's not limited to your target audience; it includes investors, employees, journalists—essentially everyone.' She highlighted that this is a common pitfall for brands solely focused on promotion. During this phase, companies must perceive themselves through the lens of their diverse audiences, recognizing what these audiences anticipate from them.

Content Strategy

People recognize the importance of content creation, but many are employing a 'throw it up against the wall and see if it sticks' approach instead of building on the foundation established by the first two steps. The drawback to this method is that developing an effective content strategy requires a prior understanding of your identity and, secondly, a comprehension of your target audiences.

Social campaigns

Campaigns are like shiny objects; everyone desires to engage in them. However, without the groundwork of the initial three steps.

Social intelligence

Amidst the widespread discussions on big data and social analytics, Fox emphasizes that social intelligence is more tactical than strategic. It serves as a gauge of your organization's savviness in the realm of social interactions. Social intelligence doesn't mark the starting point of a social strategy; rather, it is the execution of the strategy through policies, procedures, metrics, tactics, and tools. These elements are integral for actively participating in, listening to, measuring, responding to, integrating with, and engaging in real-time online conversations.

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